The Vacuum of the space. The ephemeral being in the space. The speckle of dust in the air. The infinite in the negligible.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SOHO the way i look at

the air street was a construction site for a new hotel. the sky was at its best, enabling it to be more bluer by silhouetting out the buildings; accentuating the cranes and the construction elements. i was carried away by the sweeping continuous sky and the silhouettes it sketched. it led me to an oblivion, where i felt the verticality more empowering as i wandered the streets of soho. indeed soho is special; for its latency throughout the day, though it being very nocturnal. the idea of clipping objects from the tower cranes gradually started to weave around in my mind.

   CLIPPED CITY _ to accentuate the explicitness of SOHO from the 80's

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